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At Graylight Imaging, we are committed to providing software development services that empower medical companies with the power of technology to enhance patient outcomes. We believe that advanced technologies can unlock the hidden potential of data, revealing insights that would otherwise remain undetected. As an ISO 13485-certified software development company, we are steadfastly committed to upholding the highest quality and safety standards for medical devices.

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Leadership team

The success of our organization is fueled by the leadership team. Every leadership team member plays a vital role in establishing and implementing our strategy. With AI & image analysis software we aim to empower our clients and contribute to better patient diagnosis and treatment.

Szymon Janota

Szymon Janota


Co-ordinates the deep expertise from across the domains necessary to build effective certifiable medical imaging software: from clinical to medical physics, and from artificial intelligence to software delivery.

Prof. Marcin Kostur

Prof. Marcin Kostur

Head of Science & Technology

As Head of research, to co-ordinate the work of our scientists, and create designs for R&D projects.
As CTO, responsible for identifying trends in the technology being used in medical imaging software.

Karol Miszalski-Jamka  (MD, PhD)

Karol Miszalski-Jamka (MD, PhD)

Head of Medical Design

Karol’s primary role is to provide expert advice in the area of cardiovascular imaging.
His secondary role is to provide broader support relating to medical imaging and scientific innovation.

Marek Pitura

Marek Pitura

Head of Project Management

Provides oversight of all projects (both client and internal R&D) from concept to implementation and manages our overall portfolio. Includes both machine learning and more established software development.

Ewa Kieczka

Ewa Kieczka

Head of People and Business Development

Overseeing business development, client relationships and customer service.
Developing the team, culture and working environment.

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