What we offer

We can assist you with full-cycle development services and additional services required in preparing a medical software.

Although we work in a project-based model, you can choose from a wide array of services listed below and design a process tailored to your requirements and needs.

Custom medical software development from start to finish

Business analysis workshop

To better determine project objectives and milestones to achieve.

UX/UI design

To make your application well-crafted and secure the best user experience.

Medical data collection

To help you design the most optimized data cohort and prepare it for further training and validations

Security services

To proactively protect your application and data from today’s security threats in the best possible way.

Project management

To ensure the plan is executed, we can share our experience or take responsibility for the whole project management.

Medical and scientific consultancy

We have physicists, ML and software engineering experts, QA experts, researchers, physicians and bioengineers, as well as established cooperation with clinicians worldwide.

ML algorithms

To get the best results, we have a full pipeline for ML-based data processing.

Maintenance and support

To ensure your software functions stably with high performance.

Ground truth preparation

To make this crucial step in the machine learning project well-prepared and objective.

Risk analysis

To ensure that your solution is safe for the patient.

Software development

Full-cycle development services to deliver the right value for you: from PoC development to a full-blown solution.

Medical compliance and documentation

To ease the certification process for you, we have gained experience and know-how in a number of quality standards (ISO 13485, IEC 62304, CE, FDA).

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