Medical image analysis

Accurate. Automatic. Advanced. Custom AI medical image analysis software solutions can provide you with data embedded in patient scans.

Graylight Imaging creates AI technologies for healthcare. We are experienced in developing AI medical solutions and AI algorithms tailored to specific needs.


AI medical imaging

Creating AI algorithms using both deep learning and machine learning techniques

Development of comprehensive AI-based software for medical image segmentation and analysis

Custom AI radiology algorithms development

We design AI-boosted algorithms for medical images and healthcare data analysis.

Implementable algorithms

Using our experience in developing solutions for medical image processing, medical image analysis and medical data analysis, we create algorithms that can be easily implemented in medical systems. Our approach is based on the specific requirements and business needs of our customers.

Pipelines and technological components

In recent years, we have created development pipelines for healthcare algorithms. By incorporating predefined workflows and easily accessible technology components, we can accelerate the development of algorithms and, as a result, facilitate our customers’ business goals.

Benefits and opportunities from custom solutions built for your needs

Different types of examination

Innovative algorithms developed by us are able to segment and analyze organs, their internal structures and lesions from MRI, CT, PET and Angio-CT.

Deep and machine learning

The high level of expertise of our experts, software engineers and scientists enables building of the state-of-the-art algorithms based on classical methods such as machine learning, but deep learning, and techniques.

Organs contouring

Algorithms automatically identify and contour internal organs in medical images. This eliminates the necessity for manual contouring.

Tumors segmentation

Based on your requirements, we can design customized automated and semi-automated algorithms to analyze internal organs with lesions.

Medical image analysis in cardiology

You can discover our artificial intelligence algorithms for precise coronary artery segmentation, cardiovascular imaging and the acquisition of repeatable medical data from medical images.

Automatic segmentation

Advanced algorithms automate the manual segmentation process. By reducing manual segmentation, they save the radiologist’s time.

Automatic measurement

Algorithms for medical image analysis developed by our experts are capable of performing automatic measurements of organs and lesions. Automatic RANO and RECIST measurements are just examples of their capabilities.

Accurate algorithms

Our models segment medical images accurately produce the best analytical outcomes.

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AI image segmentation

Use advanced and precise medical image segmentation algorithms as support for efficient and optimal data extraction from medical images, as well as for effective analysis.

Selected works from the medical image analysis field

Medical image analysis and enhancement

automatic segmentation of glioma and its subregions on medical image

Brain lesions

3d model of coronary vessels based on automatic segmentation

Vascular diseases

  • Identifying vessels from CT images in 2D
  • Build 3D model from 2D slices
  • Blending voxels for smoothing and resolution enhancement
  • 3D high contrast visualization with 360° panning
automatic segmentation of glioma and its subregions on medical image

Fluid flow simulation

  • We compute flow in reconstructed vessels for the estimation of plaque significance
  • We can simulate patient specific physiological conditions and perform simulation
3d model of coronary vessels based on automatic segmentation

3D modelling toolkit

  • Generating 3D models from multiple scans
  • 3D Mesh modeling and analysis
  • Development of a dedicated 3D viewer


Medical imaging software development

From an idea to a complete solution. If you need to build up a system for medical imaging to meet your business purpose, we have the competence and experience to help you. Whatever you need in the medical imaging software development field, we have the experience and expertise to carry it out for you.

medical image analysis
icon medical examination

ML-based medical imaging software

icon maintenance

Medical image analysis software

icon coping with limited ground truth data

Medical data analysis software

icon computer with code

Preparing precise geometry for 3D Printing solution

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Software as a Medical Device

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